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Ahiru no Sora (2019)
Part: 9/12
Bậc Thầy Quần Vợt
Stars Align (2019)
Part: 10/23
Làm Cháu Ác Ma
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (2019)
Actors: Songs Connection (2019)
Part: 6/12
Gái Xinh Nghịch Súng
Rifle Is Beautiful (2019)
Part: 22/40
Thanh Xuân Không Dừng Lại
Unstoppable Youth (2019)
The Westward (2018)
The Blood Alligator (2019)
One Night Bride (2019)
Part: 18/22
Thảm Kịch
The Remedy (2019)